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Bai Disinfectant

Product Benefits:

1) Eliminates multiple viruses .
2) It is innocuous to humans and animals.
3) Broad microbicide spectrum. Eliminates bacteria, virus and fungus.
4) Does not contain alcohol or chlorine. Due to the use of distilled water, it does not create rash.
5) Different than an antibacterial gel. Bai could be used in other surfaces that are in direct contact with the skin, like groceries.
6) Chemical free which allows the product to be applied to food (diluted), skin, nose and mouth. Can also be used to disinfect face masks and wounds.
7) An alcohol antibacterial loses its effect when alcohol evaporates. Bai after 30 seconds of being sprayed, lasts for 72 hrs.
8) It is not sticky, helping eliminate attracting dust or more bacteria.
9) FDA Approved.
10) Non corrosive or abrasive, unlike alcohol based products.


Units per case: 30, 16.9oz atomizers


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